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Friday, June 03, 2005

Gay Marriage Defeat in CA Assembly

Well, it was close. And I guess that's really the big news. The California Assembly just failed to pass a bill authorizing same sex marriage by ... 4 votes. Let me say that again. The Assembly was FOUR VOTES SHORT of passing a bill legalizing same sex marriage. Four votes short.... Now, when you think about the California Legislature, don't think San Francisco. Don't even think LA. Think Orange County. Think Ukiah. Think about Fresno and the Sierra Foothills and Bakersfield and the Central Valley. And we had all but 4 votes that we needed to make marriage equality the law of the state. I'm sorry, but being the 40-something that I am, I think that's fairly remarkable. So kudos to the legislators with the courage to vote for equality. Kudos to the lesbian and gay couples and their children who went to Sacramento and put real faces on this highly politicized debate. And kudos to the folks at Equality California for their tireless work to make marriage equality the law of the land. Just four votes ... it makes me think that our day is coming sooner than I had ever hoped.


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