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Friday, May 27, 2005

A Note about Fish Tanks and Frozen Peas

A few weeks ago, for no apparent reason, our fish tank became so cloudy that it looked like we'd poured milk into it by accident. I changed the filter and changed the water, to no avail. I called the pet store, and was told to put some drops in that would cause the tiny particles clouding the tank to clump into larger particles so the filter could filter them out. I tried it. It didn't work. Then one of our fancy goldfish (named Otis by my older son, in case you're interested) began floating belly-up on the surface. He wasn't dead or dying -- he just had lost his equilibrium and was having trouble staying right-side-up. Being the modern woman that I am, I went on the web and did some research on fancy goldfish, and discovered that many of them have problems with their swim bladders that cause them to float upside-down. (Who knew?!) The solution: FROZEN PEAS. Okay, I know this sounds completely ridiculous. But we started feeding our goldfish frozen peas (organic of course!) once or twice a day, and ... Elton now swims right-side-up and -- this is the part I still can't believe -- the tank is no longer cloudy!! So I am here to report that frozen peas (allowed to defrost before feeding, and popped out of their skins) can not only make your fish swim right-side-up, but can prevent your fish tank from clouding. Wouldn't it be great if all life's problems had such wonderfully zany solutions?? And remember, you heard it on waldlaw....


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