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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Me and Sarah Palin -- the Sequel

Apparently, Sarah Palin was thinking about me while I was thinking about her! In Tuesday's mail, I got a letter dated September 26, 2008, from Sarah. (We're now on a first name basis.) It contains the following paragraph: "I personally want to say thank you for the steadfast support and unstinting generosity you have given to the Republican Party and all of our candidates. Thanks to your faith and your commitment, we have the momentum and, from the crowds I see at every stop, our momentum continues to grow daily...." WELL. My first thought was to wonder who the heck put me on *that* mailing list. But now I'm thinking that this is part of a devious plot to discredit their most committed opponents by suggesting that we are actually dedicated supporters. I am thinking that "Did you know that Deborah Wald supports McCain/Palin" is probably being whispered in hallways and written on bathroom walls even as I am writing this. Who knows where they'll stop!!!!!! Actually, the most amazing part of my letter from Sarah was the request for funds, with suggested donation amounts starting at $5,000. The text reads: "I've seen the depths the liberal elites and the Obama Democrats are willing to stoop in order to tear us down and win total control of Washington." And I thought *I* was being paranoid!!


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