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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Appreciating the Small Pleasures In Life

In the midst of all this drama (e.g., the marriage decision, my son's pending graduation from middle school, earthquakes and insane gas prices), it is critical to sometimes slow down and appreciate small pleasures. My family has always enjoyed palindromes. For those unfamiliar with palindromes, they are words or sentences that read the same backwards and forwards. Simple examples: MOM, DAD, RADAR. More complicated examples: "Madam I'm Adam," "Ed is Loopy Poolside," "Ma's story rots, Sam," and "Sad, no Hondas." We LOVE "Wierd Al" Yankovich's palindromic rendition of Bob Dylan's "Subterranean Homesick Blues," available on YouTube, simply titled "Bob." So I cannot express how delighted I was when my charming and talented office manager/legal assistant Dannielle showed up in my office last week to point out something none of us had previously noticed: WALDLAW is a palindrome!! My whole family is tickled. Even my teenage son was impressed. So there you have it. In the midst of chaos, may each of you reading this blog find surprise and delight seeing something that has been in front of you all along in a whole new way. Happy Memorial Day Weekend!


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