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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Greetings from Cape Cod

It's that time of year again, and I'm writing this from my mother's front porch in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Here are my top ten ways to tell I'm back in Cape Cod: (1) The temperature and humidity level are almost the same (i.e. about 85 degrees with about 85% humidity); (2) The clam "chowda" is better than anywhere else I've ever been; (3) It is entirely acceptable to go to a dinner party in your bathing suit; (4) When gay people say they just got married, they mean they just got married; (5) News about "the big dig" (Boston's major construction project that has gone on for about 10 years and is already collapsing before it's completely finished) is bigger news than the mess in Lebanon; (6) When I go into any bar, the Red Sox are on TV; (7) People say things are "wicked" good or "wicked" hard (or hahd, as the case may be) and mean it; (8) There are more people per square inch who have known me since I was a baby than enywhere else in the world; (9) The ocean is cool enough to be thoroughly refreshing but warm enough that you can really swim in it; (10) In order to connect to the internet via the local wireless network I have to sit in a certain position on my mother's front porch and try to ignore the mosquitos and ants nibbling on my feet. That said, Cape Cod is a delightful place to be in the summer, and I'm lucky to be here. I hope all of you are finding your own delightful places to take a moment to appreciate the season. In other words: here's to a terrific summer, to all of you from waldlaw! I'll keep you posted on happenings here and elsewhere until I return to good old SF....


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