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Monday, September 14, 2009

Lizzie Borden -- Who Knew?!

I just returned from New York, where I was attending the annual conference of the National LGBT Bar Association. After three solid days of speaking at and participating in workshops, I needed a break -- and one of my colleagues was on her way to a show of the new rock musical Lizzie Borden, so I thought I'd tag along. Well, even though I'm from Massachusetts, all I knew about Lizzie Borden came from the one little rhyme I remember from elementary school: "Lizzie Borden took an axe and gave her mother 40 whacks. When she saw what she had done, she gave her father 41." If this show has any truth to it, there's way more to the story. All of a sudden, sitting in this tiny theater in lower Manhattan, a story started to unwind in which there is a strong suggestion of inappropriate sexual advances by Mr. Borden on Lizzie, and of a lesbian relationship between Lizzie and her neighbor with Mr. Borden reacting with rage and violence to their intimacy. I have no idea if there is any reality to this spin on the Lizzie Borden story, but it certainly made for compelling theater! So I have taken to Google this morning to learn what I can about Lizzie Borden. There's clearly a lot to learn, and I see a trip to the library in my near future. Any Lizzie Borden fans out there with stuff to read or recommend? Let me know!


  • Thanks so much for coming to the show - I'm glad circumstances brought you there! The script for LIZZIE BORDEN was originally based on trial transcripts and other historical material, but we have taken some liberties with the mysteries of the case. You can find links to great resources about the real Lizzie (including the Famous Trials website) on our site at http://lizziebordentheshow.com/index.php/axe/about.
    -Liz G for LIZZIE BORDEN, Took An Axe Productions

    By Blogger Liz G, at 5:00 PM  

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