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Friday, February 13, 2009

And Now a New Day Comes to ... Utah?!

Late breaking news from Utah: Republican Governor Jon M. Huntsman, Jr. -- a Mormon father of seven who served in the Reagan White House -- is getting a lot of attention this week for having issued a statement supporting lesbian and gay civil unions in his state. The Governor's position is remarkable in light of Utah's history as a state which has declined to offer its lesbian and gay residents even the most basic protections in employment and housing, and where essentially no options are available for lesbian or gay couples raising children together to protect their families. Needless to say, Governor Hunstman's announcement on Monday is being greeted with howls of dismay as well as applause. According to the Salt Lake Tribune, both sides of the argument are mobilizing to let the Governor know how they feel in a variety of ways, including both protests and shows of support at his home and at the Capitol. To gauge the flood of reaction, the Governor's office is tallying phone calls for and against the Governor's newly-articulated position in support of protection and recognition for committed same-sex couples. Folks from Utah certainly let us know what they thought about California's Prop 8, by showing up in droves to lobby our voters; now it is our turn to support progressive Utahans by letting Governor Huntsman know that we support him in providing protection to lesbian and gay families in his state. If you want to call in your vote, the number is 801-538-1000. It just takes a minute, and could help make history.


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